Cotto vs Ali, The End of an Era

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Foto por Ed Mulholland

What was supposed to be a Story Book Ending to the storied and successful career of one of modern boxing’s brightest stars and biggest attraction, ended up as something even more poetic than that.

After what Golden Boy promotions called an “extensive search” fo an opponent for Miguel Cotto’s farewell bout in which he would defend his WBO Jr. Middleweight Title for the last time in his home away from home, Madison Square Garden, New York City; the promotion settled on a little known fighter from Brooklyn, NY with Yemeni background and a 25-1 record. His lone defeat coming via K.O. at the hands of Jessie Vargas in a Welterweight title bout in 2016.

Fans and media alike saw this fight as a complete mismatch staged to see Miguel Cotto ride into the sunset with a win and on top thus the buildup to the fight was centered around Cotto’s six championship reigns in four weight divisions as well as his aura of a ‘Blood and Guts” warrior who fought gallantly the who’s who of boxing during his 16 year professional career.

What boxing fans were treated to on December 2nd, 2017 was something a bit different yet just as beautiful as any sonnet singing the praises of a war hero.
In front of a raucous and electric, mostly pro-Cotto crowd of 12,371 at the World’s Most Famous arena and one of Boxing’s holy sites, the heavy underdog Sadam Ali would perform the best fight of his still young career by executing a nearly perfect game plan that would earn him a unanimous decision victory over the future hall of famer and see him win his 1st world title in what ended up being a solid action fight in which he was able hurt Cotto in several occasions.

For his part, Miguel Cotto treated boxing fans to an action fight that showcased once more why as a fighter he is so revered and respected by fighting relentlessly through adversity and at least five rounds with a visibly torn left bicep (his power hand), an injury that would have given a lesser fighter a valid excuse to quit fighting, yet he chose to go out on his shield like the warrior he’s proven to be time and time again.

A bitter sweet ending for a great boxing career but a win for boxing fans that yet again got a reminder of why we love this beautiful but cruel sport.

Hard to not see the poetry in a young, hungry lion seizing the opportunity when no one but his closest allies gave him a chance, and the older warrior who’s seen everything and conquered all succumb to father time yet, able to leave the battlefield with his head held high, his honor intact,the respect of his foes and the gratitude and appreciation of the fans.

Thank you Miguel!

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