Undefeated Movsar Evloev New M-1 Challenge Bantamweight Champion, Sergei Kharitonov defeats Geronimo Dos Santos, Joe Riggs wins M-1 Global debut

Undefeated Movsar Evloev
New M-1 Challenge Bantamweight Champion
Sergei Kharitonov defeats Geronimo Dos Santos
Joe Riggs wins M-1 Global debut

INGUSHETIA, Russia – Undefeated Movsar Evloev is the new M-1 Challenge bantamweight champion after he defeated defending champion Pavel Vitruk in the M-1 Challenge 81: Battle in the Mountains 6 main event, last night in the Republic of Ingushetia.

The international MMA event – fighters represented 11 different countries — coincided with the 25th anniversary celebration of the Republic of Ingushetia.

(L-R) — M-1 Global promoter Vadim Finkelchtein &
new M-1 Challenge bantamweight champion Movsar Evloev.

Evloev (8-0-0, M-1: 8-0-0), who was the interim M-1 Challenge bantamweight champion, is a Russian fighter whose entire pro career has been in M-1 Global competition. Last night, he won a five-round decision over defending M-1 Challenge bantamweight titlist Vitruk (14-3-0, M-1: 8-3-0), the Ukrainian-born fighter who fights out of Russia.

Movsar Eloev (R) defeated Pavel Vitruk

In the co-featured event, Russian heavyweight star Sergei “The Paratrooper” Kharitonov (26-6-0, M-1: 5-0-0) continued his M-1 dominance, using an ankle lock to force Brazilian veteran Geronimo “Mondragon” Dos Santos (39-19-0, M-1: 0-1-0) into a submission.

Sergei Kharitonov (R) was too much for Geronimo Dos Santos

American middleweight Joe “Diesel” Riggs (44-17-0, M-1: 1-0-0), fighting out of Phoenix (AZ), won his M-1 debut in impressive fashion, using his ground-and-pound attack for powerful third-round knockout of Russian Samoilov (19-11-1, M-1: 10-6-0).

The M-1 debut of Canadian welterweight Spencer “Judge” Jebb (12-6-0, M-1: 0-1-0) wasn’t successful as Russian Ingishhan Ozdoev (5-3-0, M-1: 4-3-0) used a spinning wheel kick to KO Jebb midway through the opening round.

In the main card opening fight, Brazilian heavyweight Kleber “Orgulho” Raimundo Silva (14-7-0, M-1: 1-0-0) won a three-round decision over Konstantin “Lacplesis” Gluhuv (31-17-0, M-1: 2-6-0), of Latvia.

On the preliminary card, Russian welterweight Khamzat Sakalov (7-2-0, M-1: 6-0-0) took a decision from French welterweight Charles-Henri Tchoungui (9-6-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Kazakhstan bantamweight Arman Ashimov (9-2-1, M-1: 1-0-0) punched out previously undefeated Russian Gadzhimurad Aliev (6-1-0, M-1: 1-1-0) in the second round, and unbeaten Russian welterweight used knees and punches to stop Spaniard Alberto Vargas (4-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0) in the first round.

Georgian light heavyweight Giga Kukhalashvile (7-3-0, M-1: 1-0-0) knocked out previously unbeaten Nurbek Islailov (3-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), of Kyrgyzstan, in the first round on punches, while Russian welterweight Movsar Bokov (2-1-0, 2-1-0) took out Ukrainian Igor Onoprienko (1-2-0, M-1: 0-1-0) with punches in the opening round.

Russian lightweight Alik Albogahiev (3-0-0, M-1: 3-0-0) and Georgian welterweight Amiran Gogoladze (4-1-0, M-1: 1-0-0) both used first-round, rear naked choke holds to defeat their respective opponents, Russian Filip Narizhny (6-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0) and Russian Ibrahim Sagov (1-1-0, M-1: 1-1-0).

Complete results below:
Movsar Evloev (8-0-0, M-1: 8-0-0), Russia
Pavel Vitruk (14-3-0, M-1: 8-3-0), Russia
(Evloev won M-1 Challenge bantamweight title)
Sergei Kharitonov (26-6-0, M-1: 5-0-0), Russia
WSUB1 (2:13 – ankle lock)
Geronimo Dos Santos (39-19-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Brazil
Joe Riggs (44-17-0, M-1: 1-0-0), USA
WTKO3 (0:24 – punches)
Dmitry Samoilov (19-11-1, M-1: 10-6-0), Russia
Ingiskhan Ozdoev (5-3-0, M-1: 4-3-0), Russia
WKO1 (2:25 – spinning wheel kick)
Spencer Jebb (12-6-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Canada
Kleber Raimundo Silva (14-7-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Brazil
Konstantin Gluhuv (31-17-0, M-1: 2-6-0), Latvia
Giga Kukhalashvili (8-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Georgia
WTKO/KO1 (0:59 – punches)
Nurbek Islailov (3-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Kyrgyzstan
Khamzat Sakalov (6-3-0, M-1: 6-0-0), Russia
Charles-Henri Tchoungui (9-6-1, M-1: 0-1-0), France
Akhmadkhan Ozdoev (4-0-0, M-1: 4-0-0), Russia
WTKO1 (2:45 – knees & punches)
Alberto Vargas (4-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Spain
Movsar Bokov (2-1-0, M-1: 2-1-0), Russia
WTKO1 (3:43 – punches)
Igor Onoprienko (1-2-0, M-1: 0-1-0, Ukraine
Amiram Gogoladze (4-1-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Georgia
WSUB1 (0:53 – rear naked choke)
Ibrahim Sagov (1-1-0, M-1: 1-1-0), Russia
Alik Albogahiev (2-0-0, M-1: 2-0-0), Russia
WSUB1 (1:36 – rear naked choke)
Filip Narizhni (6-3-0, M-1: 0-0-0), Russia
Arman Ashimov (9-2-1, M-1: 1-0-0), Kazakhstan
WKO2 (1:08 – punch)
Gadzhimurad Aliev (6-1-0, M-1: 1-1-0), Russia

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