UFC 216 UFC Fight Pass: Results Recap

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 07: (L-R) John Moraga punches Magomed Bibulatov of Russia in their flyweight bout during the UFC 216 event inside T-Mobile Arena on October 7, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

John Moraga (18-6) vs. Magomed Bibulatov (14-1)

(Flyweight Bout – 3 Rounds)
The second match of the evening featured a highly promising prospect ‎and much-talked about future contender in the 125lbs weight class in previously unbeaten, Bibulatov. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Arizona’s Moraga who came out guns blazing right out of the gate. 
Both 125ers traded heavy leather at close range as they glided in and out of the pocket for the first minute of the match. Bibulatov looked to find his range but was met by the solid boxing and counter punching ability of Moraga who caught him flush with a counter right hook to the head. His man stumbled backwards on unsteady legs ‎and found himself along the cage wall. There, Moraga loaded up on a left hook and blasted his opponent to the face, leveling him. Bibulatov crashed unto the Octagon floor flat on his back with his eyes partially closed as Moraga followed up with some ground and pound forcing the referee to step in calling a halt to the match.
RESULTS: One-time UFC flyweight title contender, John Moraga, ‎shocks 6-1 betting favorite Magomed Bibulatov via KO at (1:38).  

 John Moraga:

“I’m still processing this win. The UFC Performance Institute is definitely helping me. I don’t plan on changing up my routine. I feel like I just go into these fights feeling so much better. My body is able to recover from all the grind of the camp while I’m at the Performance Institute. It’s been rough times in my life, so it’s good to get the win.”

Thales Leites (15-6) vs. Brad Tavares (28-7)
(Middleweight Bout – 3 Rounds)
One-time UFC 185lbs title contender, Leites,  met The Ultimate Fighter alum, Brad Taveres, to kick off the night from inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 
Both men began trading low leg kicks and jabs in the center of the Octagon; countering one another’s attacks. Tavares had success early attacking with a low right leg kick to Tavare’s lead leg. About halfway into the 1st Round the TUF alum caught his man with a clean left hook that momentarily rocked the Brazilian during and exchange . Leites cleared his head after backing up and bought himself some time by shooting in on a single leg takedown. He had both arms around his foe’s leg yet, Tavares great balance as he hopped on one leg kept the match upright and once again with about 40 seconds left as Leites shot in for another single leg takedown. He couldn’t drive his man to the mat as time ran out and paid for it eating a flying knee from Tavares after they separated as well as a pair of punches. 
Going into Round 2 Leites was leg kick heavy, throwing high and low leg kicks at his foe. Tavares stood his grown checking the kicks and jabbing away or launching looping hooks for the first few minutes. The Hawaain’s jab rarely missed and Leites was making no adjustments at all. At the halfway mark Tavares had busted  up his opponent’s face bad ‎with that crisp jab, the blood dripped from Leites  right cheek as he shot in for a single leg takedown, this time getting it thanks to an outside leg trip. However, Tavares popped right back up by wall walking. Leites tried pulling guard and just fell flat on his back along the Octagon wall as Tavares wasn’t having it and shoved him unto the mat. Leties marched forward in the last few moments of the match as Tavares kept that jab in his face. The blood dripped and Tavares would not quit sticking it in his man’s face thanks to some solid conditioning. 
Heading into Round 3 Leites launched some shots before driving for a takedown along the cage wall. He failed at the attempt and Tavares pummeled for position spinning him around and pressing his man’s back along the cage wall. Tavares jab now had his foe’s face a bloody mess as Thales  limped forward from damage thanks to Tavares’ leg kicks. The nasty damage from Tavares’ muay Thai-heavy approach also had Leites left leg barely usable as the Brazilian trudged on with really poor balance. With about 2 minutes left  he dove in for a takedown and came up short. Tavares stayed in his range, landed his jab at will and stuffed any other attempt from Leites who tried pulling guard to mask the serious damage he had taken the entire bout. 
RESULTS: ‎Brad Tavares defeats Thales Leites via unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26

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