TUF Finale Prelims: Results Recap

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LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 01: (R-L) Montana De La Rosa secures an arm bar submission against Christina Marks in their women’s flyweight bout during the TUF Finale event inside Park Theater on December 01, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Montana de la Rosa (8-4) vs. Christina Marks (8-9)

‎Women’s Flyweight Bout – 3 Rounds

For her fighter profile and highlighted information ‎it has Montana’s specialty as the D’Arce choke submission however, you would never know it with her stellar finish of Marks in all of two minutes of their featured preliminaries match-up.

Once the BJJ ace got the fight to the ground, as she planned for during training for this fight, the mother of one went to work and hit the move without much resistance from Marks. To her credit , Christina defended for as long as she could, giving up the arm early but stepping over and hitting an angle or two once the match went to the ground from a takedown as she ended up on the wrong side of the submission attempt. When De La Rosa wrapped her legs up across her foe’s chest and cranked on the limb, it was ‘Good night Irene’ for Marks.

RESULTS: Montana De La Rosa finishes Christina Marks via armbar submission at (2:00) of Round 1‎.

Andrew Sanchez (10-4) vs. Ryan Janes (10-3)

Middleweight Bout – 3 Rounds

In an easy candidate for ‘Fight of the Night’ if not a clear leader in the running for the ‘Comeback of the Year’ ‎Ryan Janes upset the bigest favorite on the card tonight in 7 to 1 fave, Andrew Sanchez. Both men fought it out tooth and nail for the first few minutes of the opening Round before a picture perfect over hand right from Sanchez during and exchange leveled Janes who looked all but out on his feet yet amazingly survived the attack. Sanchez landed seemingly at will from then on and on multiple occasions seemed to have his man extremely hurt or out but, Janes was not finished and made it out to the 2nd Round.

From there he started putting his combinations together landing cleanly on his man. Sanchez had punched himself out in those first 5 minutes and now fought off of his back foot, backing up constantly as he blocked some strikes then countered with his own. However, those punches had nothing on them and were either arm punches or he was pushing them out. Janes on the other hand looked revitalized as he marched forward throwing anything and everything; combos, jabs, crosses and leg kicks. His shots not only hurt his man but had Sanchez retreating with his mouth wide open for those 5 minutes of Round 2.

The inevitable end came in Round 3 as Janes stepped on his otherworldly gas ‎, put combinations together and pressed his man along the cage wall. Like a prime Roy Jones Jr, he masterfully mixed up his boxing via head-head-body strikes. Sanchez covered up as he ate blows to the head and chin, then got raked with a hook to the body and slumped to the canvas right next to the Octagon wall. Janes followed up with a few more strikes as Sanchez simply covered up before the referee stepped in to call a halt to the action.

RESULTS: Ryan ‘Terminator’ Janes shocks 7 to 1 betting favorite Adrew Sanchez via TKO due to strikes at (0:58) of Round 3. ‎

UFC champ and tonight’s play-by-play caller, Daniel Cormier , gifted Janes with the nickname during the post-fight interview.

Karine Gevorgyan (3-3) vs. Rachael Ostovich (4-3)

Women’s Flyweight Bout – 3 Rounds

For the opening round Gevorgyan closed distance by shooting in and looking for a takedown to get the battle to the mat. She temporarily got the match there but Ostovich managed to get back to her feet in the first minute. Ostovich looked for a takedown and got it, winding up in her foe’s guard and working from there to apply a few submissions. She transitioned to her opponent’s back near the cage wall trying to apply a rear naked choke but was denied and stayed glued to her foe looking for another submission.

Ostovich found the angle and threw her legs up high as she transitioned to an armbar attempt, just past her foe’s shoulders as the back of her knees rested there. She cranked on the hold as hard as she could with the perfect angle giving her fellow Team Gaethje member no choice but to tap out.

RESULTS: Rachael Ostovich finishes Karine Gevorgyan via armbar submission at (1:40) of Round 1.

Ariel Beck (4-5) vs. Shana Dobson (3-1)

Women’s Flyweight Bout – 3 Rounds

Dobson led the dance her way for the bulk of Round 1 as she whipped away with straight rights, low leg kicks and roundhouse combinations; forcing Beck to back to constantly. At about the halfway mark of the 1st Round Beck launched a few strikes of her own and a low leg kick to match her foe’s but not enough to slow down Dobson;s 10 to 5 head strike output in those 5 minutes. The Team Alvarez representative was firing on all cylinders perfectly mixing in her punches with her inside leg kicks.

Going into Round 2, Dobson added overhand rights to her bag of tricks as Beck started to check her low leg kicks. Nonetheless, Dobson marched towards her busting her up with a high kick-two punch combination then need that echoed throughout the entire arena. At the halway point of the match Beck found success pumping her jab into her foe’s body, Dobson wasn’t having it and countered with an overhand right, right hok to the body and perfect straight that landed flush on her foe’s chin. Beck dropped like a bag of hammers and the referee alertly stepped in to call a halt to the action.

RESULTS: Shana Dobson stops Ariel Beck via TKO at (2:53) of Round 2


Gillian Robertson (4-2) vs. Emily Whitmire (2-2)
Women’s Flyweight Bout – 3 Rounds
Kicking off the action from The Park Theater inside the Monte Carlo hotel and casino ‎in Las Vegas was Robertson and Whitmire.
Robertson got in on the inside very quickly off a clinch and was operating behind and inside leg trip on her foe as soon as she closed the distance during the first minute of Round 1. From there she transitioned to back control and was fishing for a rear naked choke along the cage wall as Whitmire defended well. Robertson then sprung an armbar attempt on her still along the Octagon wall. Whitmire tried to escape out of the back door but wound up trapped inside a triangle by her opponent. Robertson used her legs to keep Whitmire at bay and cranked the armbar forcing a tap.
RESULTS:  Gillian ‎ Robertson finishes Emily Whitmire via armbar submission at (2:12) of Round 1.

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