Azteca America on Target with Knockout

In a small editing lab, Knockout executive producer Steven Marcano invited a few key people in media, television and docu-series to take a peek at Knockout season 3. He wanted to make sure he was creating the best Knockout season to date.

This is where we learned that the series truly is multi-cultural and that it was designed for both the Latino and American market. The majority of Latinos in America really don’t have shows that truly represent their lifestyle. Knockout is able to cross cultures without losing those viewers Hispanic roots.

WIth the mixture of music, language and lifestyle, the show hasn’t missed a beat and as we sat in the lab and conversed more in depth, the focus wasn’t just about the show. The conversation was about making Azteca America a household name in the U.S. As I sat there, just watching them build the first episode of season three, the star power that this show brings to Azteca is bigger than any program in their history from what I can see.

We were sworn to secrecy so we cannot leak any of the story lines but I can say that there are three world champions, two platinum recording artists, and a hip hop legend – and that was just the first episode.

Knockout proves that it’s here to stay and that it plans to win. I can’t wait to see episode two.

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